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Grape Flavored Brandy Flavor Cocktails Canning OEM ODM Private Label 250-500ml

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Grape Flavored Brandy Flavor Cocktails Canning OEM ODM Private Label 250-500ml

Brand Name : Tech Horse/OEM

Model Number : Customized

Place of Origin : China

Certification : Halal Certificate, ISO, HACCP, GMP, FSSC

Capacity : 250ml-500ml

Logo : Customized

MOQ : 1

Shape : Cylindrical

Payment Term : T/T, L/C

Lead Time : 15-20 Days

Usage : Alcoholic Beverage

Product name : Cocktail

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Product Description:

The "Cocktail" product is an innovative solution in the realm of Alcoholic Beverages in Canning. This product encompasses both the traditional values of alcoholic beverages and the contemporary convenience of canning, offering a sophisticated yet easy-to-use option for consumers and businesses alike. With a focus on quality and user experience, the "Cocktail" ushers in a new era for the Canning of Alcoholic Beverages.

Our "Cocktail" product comes in a standard size that is perfect for individual servings, allowing for a consistent and enjoyable experience each time. The size has been carefully selected to ensure that it is convenient for transportation and storage, making it ideal for a range of activities, including picnics, parties, or simply a relaxing evening at home. The standard sizing also facilitates ease of retail display and inventory management for businesses stocking the product.

The shape of the "Cocktail" can is cylindrical, a classic and efficient design that has stood the test of time. This shape is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, as it allows for optimal space utilization. The cylindrical form is easy to handle and fits comfortably in the hand, enhancing the consumer's drinking experience. Furthermore, the cylindrical cans stack well, which is advantageous for both shipping and shelf placement.

Our lead time for the "Cocktail" product is 15-20 days. We understand that our clients value prompt service and delivery, and we strive to fulfill orders within this timeframe to ensure customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This lead time accounts for the meticulous process of production, quality assurance, and packaging, ensuring that each can of our Alcoholic Beverages in Canning arrives in perfect condition, ready for consumption or retail.

One of the most distinctive features of our "Cocktail" product is the option for a customized logo. We recognize the importance of brand identity and the role it plays in the marketing and sale of Alcoholic Beverages in Canning. Therefore, we offer our clients the ability to personalize their cans with a logo that reflects their brand's image and values. A customized logo helps our clients stand out in a competitive market and creates a memorable impression on consumers.

The "Cocktail" product represents a seamless blend of tradition and innovation. By choosing the Canning of Alcoholic Beverages, our clients can tap into the growing demand for convenience without compromising on the quality and taste that connoisseurs expect. Whether it's for a casual drinker looking for a ready-to-enjoy option or a business aiming to expand its product line, our "Cocktail" provides an exceptional solution.

In conclusion, the "Cocktail" is more than just a canned alcoholic beverage; it is a symbol of adaptability and modernity in the beverage industry. It reflects a commitment to providing consumers with high-quality Alcoholic Beverages in Canning that are accessible, enjoyable, and tailored to individual needs. With our swift lead time, customizable branding options, and attention to aesthetic and practical details, the "Cocktail" product is set to become a staple in the world of canned alcoholic beverages.


  • Product Name: Alcoholic Beverage Canning
  • Type: Cocktail
  • Usage: Alcoholic Beverage
  • MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 1
  • Printing: Customized
  • Capacity: 250ml-500ml
  • Specifically designed for Alcoholic Beverages in Canning
  • Optimal solution for Alcoholic Beverage Canning
  • High-quality cans suitable for various types of Alcoholic Beverage Canning

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Size Standard
Shape Cylindrical
Usage Alcoholic Beverage
Product Name Cocktail
Lead Time 15-20 Days
Logo Customized
Printing Customized
Capacity 250ml-500ml
Payment Term T/T, L/C


The Alcoholic Beverage Canning product, with the brand name Tech Horse or the option for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), is an innovative solution designed for the packaging of alcoholic beverages. This product's model number is fully customizable, allowing for a tailored fit for various types of alcoholic beverages in canning. With its place of origin being China, the product adheres to stringent global standards, boasting certifications such as the Halal Certificate, ISO, HACCP, GMP, and FSSC, ensuring its acceptance and credibility in international markets.

With a customized logo option, businesses can brand the Alcoholic Beverage Canning product to reflect their unique identity. The standard size cans are designed to hold a capacity ranging from 250ml to 500ml, catering to a variety of serving size preferences. The lead time for the manufacturing process is efficient, with a turnaround of 15-20 days, ensuring that businesses can quickly respond to market demand without compromising on quality.

The usage of this product is specifically for the canning of alcoholic beverages, and it is engineered to maintain the integrity and flavor of the contents. The Alcoholic Beverage Canning product is suitable for a multitude of occasions and scenarios. It is ideal for breweries and distilleries that are looking to expand their product line with canned options, offering consumers the convenience of enjoying their favorite alcoholic beverages at outdoor events, picnics, barbecues, and beach parties. The durability and lightweight nature of the cans make them perfect for festivals and concerts where glass bottles are often prohibited.

Furthermore, the Alcoholic Beverage Canning product is an excellent choice for businesses that aim to reduce their environmental footprint, as cans are highly recyclable and have a lower carbon footprint during transportation compared to glass. The ease of distribution and retail display also makes it a preferred choice for supermarkets and liquor stores, enhancing product visibility and consumer appeal. Additionally, the portability of canned alcoholic beverages is highly beneficial for activities such as hiking, camping, and boating, where glass bottles are impractical.

In the hospitality sector, the Tech Horse Alcoholic Beverage Canning product serves as a convenient and hygienic option for serving in hotels, bars, and restaurants. The quick-chill feature of cans allows for rapid serving of cold beverages, catering to customer expectations for immediate refreshment. Moreover, the safety aspect of cans, being shatterproof, provides a secure alternative to glass in high-traffic venues and minimizes the risk of breakage.

Overall, the Tech Horse/OEM Alcoholic Beverage Canning product offers a versatile and practical packaging solution for the modern alcoholic beverage market, addressing the diverse needs of consumers and businesses alike, while upholding quality and safety standards.


Brand Name: Tech Horse/OEM

Model Number: Customized

Place of Origin: China

Certification: Halal Certificate, ISO, HACCP, GMP, FSSC

Capacity: 250ml-500ml

Size: Standard

Payment Term: T/T, L/C

Printing: Customized

MOQ: 1

Our Product Customization Services cater to your specific needs for Alcoholic Canned Drinks . Whether you are looking to launch your brand or searching for a reliable OEM partner for your Alcoholic Beverages in Canning , our facility equipped with advanced technology is ready to bring your vision to life. With a range of certifications including Halal, ISO, HACCP, GMP, and FSSC, we ensure the highest standards for your Canned Alcoholic Drinks . Enjoy the flexibility of customization with a variety of capacities, from 250ml to 500ml, and the option for personalized printing to make your product stand out.

Packing and Shipping:

Our Alcoholic Beverage Canning products are meticulously packaged to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Each can is sealed with the highest quality standards to preserve the beverage's flavor and aroma. The cans are then placed in sturdy, recyclable cardboard boxes with protective inserts to prevent movement and damage during transport.

Before shipping, each box is securely taped and labeled with the necessary information, including product details and handling instructions. Our shipping partners have been carefully selected for their reliability and commitment to delivering your products safely and on time. Please recycle the packaging materials according to local guidelines to contribute to a sustainable environment.


Q1: What types of alcoholic beverages can be canned using the Tech Horse/OEM Alcoholic Beverage Canning machine?

A1: The Tech Horse/OEM Alcoholic Beverage Canning machine is capable of canning a wide range of alcoholic beverages including beer, cider, wine, and ready-to-drink cocktails. The machine is designed to accommodate different types of beverages by customizing the canning process to suit the specific requirements of each beverage.

Q2: Can the canning machine handle different can sizes and shapes?

A2: Yes, the Tech Horse/OEM Alcoholic Beverage Canning machine is designed with a customized model number, which means it can be tailored to handle various can sizes and shapes to meet the diverse packaging needs of our clients.

Q3: Is the Tech Horse/OEM Canning machine certified for safety and quality?

A3: Absolutely, the Tech Horse/OEM Alcoholic Beverage Canning machine comes with several certifications including a Halal Certificate, ISO, HACCP, GMP, and FSSC, ensuring that it meets international standards for safety and quality in food processing.

Q4: What is the origin of the Tech Horse/OEM Alcoholic Beverage Canning machine?

A4: The Tech Horse/OEM Alcoholic Beverage Canning machine is manufactured in China, with a strong emphasis on quality manufacturing practices and adherence to global industry standards.

Q5: How does the Tech Horse/OEM Canning machine ensure the quality and freshness of the canned beverages?

A5: The Tech Horse/OEM Canning machine is engineered to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and freshness. It features a controlled canning environment that minimizes oxygen pickup, ensuring that each beverage is canned without compromising quality or taste. Additionally, the machine's precision filling and sealing processes are designed to keep the beverages fresh for an extended shelf life.

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